We took a trip to view indigenous plant life in our area and below are some of the flowers 
we saw.  These are just small thumbnails of each picture.  
To see the full size picture of each one, just left click on the picture.  

This is a Pale evening primrose
(Oenothera pallida)
A close of up this pretty plant (Primrose) Linear leaf fleabane
(Erigeron linearis)
I stood directly over this for a straight down picture. I love these little daisy looking flowers.
Erigeron poliospermis
These actually have a purple hue to them.
Once again looking straight down. I just liked the beetle on this flower.
Cary's balsamroot (Balsamorhiza caryana) 
 Silky leaf luping (Lupinus sericeus) 

This is called Bitter Root (Lewisia rediviva).  It is so odd.  No leaves, no stem showing,   just a flower coming up
almost straight out of the ground.
This is a larger grouping of Bitter Root.  As you can see there are a number of buds ready to bloom.  We must have been there a bit early to catch them all in full bloom. This might be a mountain dandelion (Agoseris grandiflora)   I loved the way it glistened in the sun.  Click to see the whole picture.

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