This is my daughter Kelly petting two kangaroos at once.

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I loved getting so close to the kangaroos.  Here are a number of pictures of them.  First off, Kelly taking a picture of a very relaxed Kangaroo.  Photo Now a picture of that same kangaroo by himself.  Photo
Something caught their attention and they all stood up and looked around at the same time.  Photo This one was having lunch, eating the leaves.  Photo  I broke off a couple of leaves and took them to the lazy one in the photo above.  He seemed to appreciate it. 
We saw this mother with her joey.  He looked big enough to kick out of the pouch.  *grin*  Photo I love this one.  While the mother was getting a drink, the joey was eating the grass.  Photo
Kelly is talking baby talk to a kangaroo while she pets it.  Photo We were actually allowed to pet a koala too.  Surprisingly, they are not as soft as the kangaroos are.  Photo
I really like this picture.  This crane was polite enough to wait and pose for me.  Photo This is the smaller croc of the two we saw.  The other one was in the water, and he was HUGE.  Photo
On to the bird sanctuary.  I don't remember the actual names of the species, so just enjoy their pretty colors.  Photo1   Photo2   Photo3  Photo4