As I create them, I'll be offering free models here for you to download.  They will be in obj format.
I've always made them just for myself, so this is a new project for me.  It will probably be mostly furniture, and the like, but I'll try to make it handy things you can use in different pictures.  Just right click on the links, and and then choose "Save Target As" .  Choose where on your hard drive you'd like to save the model.  They are zipped to save space.


This is my first entry, a ladder back chair.  I've applied the texture in a weird way, so you can see that it is in three sections. That way, you can have the wood grain going correctly, and if you want the braces and outer part to be different from the seatback and seating. 
Click here to get the model

Each of the parts of this bed can be assigned different textures.  The posts, headboard and bed frame are separate. Also, the mattress, "spread" and each pillow are separate. 
Click here to get the model.


This is a simple hand-held mirror.  The grip and the mirror part are separate, so you can assign them two different textures.

Click here to get the model


As you can see, I've textured this one strangely also.  I've done that in order for you to see how the textures are applied.  You can see that it would be easy to make the bench wider or more narrow, as a result of the way the object is broken down.
Click here to get the model


Alas, you don't get the lovely lady, just the mask.  The stuff on the top is all separate from the basic mask, so you can change it out, move it, or even remove it, if you wish.
Click here to get the model


Once again, I've applied the colors so you can see how the dresser is set up.  The drawers are each separate (with the fronts also separate), and therefore can be "opened" or shut, as you wish.  You can put things in your dresser!
Click here to get the model

This mirror for the dresser is divided into 6 parts.  Three parts are the frames and three are the mirrors.  This is done not just for ease of texturing, but also so that the sides can be rotated forward (they are rotated a little forward in this picture) or back, as you wish.
Click here to get the model


This is actually two models/files.  The TV consists of three parts, the casing, the tube, and the lower front part.  In front you see the remote, It is many parts.  The basic case and then each button is separate.  
Click here to get the TV (137k)
Click here to get the remote (603k)


Here is an armoire to put your TV in. The doors and shelves are separate so they can moved and rotated.
Click here to get the model (165k)

This file is strictly for Bryce.  It is an OBP file.  There are 3 sections.  The horizontal, vertical and diagonal sections of each are separate, for ease of texturing. It can be used as a fence or divider.

Click here to get the model (108k)

A simple sand dollar with texture.

Click here to get the model(396k)

This is really three plants in one.  The center one is the default.  Remove the straight spikes and you have the droopy plant.  Remove the droopy ones and you have the spiky plant!  Click here to get the model.(299k)  
This will take some explaining.  I am putting 4 links here for this.  The first two links are for OBJ files and the second two links are for OBP files for Bryce  
So the first link Here (651k) contains one pot, one pan, one slotted spoon and one regular spoon.
The second link Here (488k} is for the Pot rack.
The third link is OBP for a pot, pan, slotted spoon and regular spoon Here (1615k).
The last link is OBP for the hanging rack Here (1186k).

The OBP files include the texturing, but the OBJ files do not.

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