This is the back of the house we stayed in.  Notice my husband making himself at home.

The afternoon we arrived, I walked out the back door and this was the view I saw.  Photo Because of the time shift, I pretty much saw the sunrise every morning.  This is NOT something I am used to.  At least they were always beautiful.  Photo1   Photo2   Photo3   Photo4
We drove up to a lookout point and this is called 4 mile beach.  Photo Looking down the beach to the right, this is the ocean when calm.  Photo
There were some storms out at sea and it kicked up the surf pretty good.  Photo From our place we couldn't really see any sunsets, but I caught this one on the way home from dinner one night.  Photo
We discovered we were lousy at creating a sand castle, so we went for Stonehenge instead.  Photo I did a "photo shoot" of my husband and daughter making it look as if the tide is coming in.  Actually they were adjusting their "latitude".  *grin*  Photo

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