My husband (Frank), daughter (Kelly) and her significant other (Ken).

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After getting to the hotel, we looked out the window of our room and this was the view we saw.  Not too shabby!   Photo  This is a view of it from across the water.  Photo Standing near the Opera house, I looked back towards the city skyline and took this.   Photo
Ibis and Cockatoos wander around just like a common Robin would here.  Photo1   Photo2   Photo3  I was used to seeing Ibis on the ground, and this is the first one I spotted up in a tree.  Photo Here are two views of the bridge that you can walk over.  The tiny dots you see along the top are people.  Photo1   Photo2
This is a night view of the bridge.  Not great, but I couldn't remember how to set up my camera for night shots.  Photo A close-up shot of the front roof of the Opera house.   Photo  This "tilty" building, I just liked the look of.  Photo  I imagine it cuts down on the glare for a better view of the waterfront.
Look up in the trees and you'll see bats hanging down.  This was in the Botanical gardens.  I took a ton of photos of them    Photo Not believing what you're seeing?  Here's a closer view.  Photo  And here's a view with one spreading his wings.  Photo
Of course all the coolest bats hang out in the top of the tree in their little bat gangs.  Photo This is called a Dragon tree.  There are myths about its "blood" (sap) being used for both medicinal and magical purposes.   Photo
These are some of the flowers we saw.  Not bad considering it is "winter" in Australia right now.  Photo1   Photo2   Photo3 Flowers continued.  Photo1   Photo2   Photo3   Photo4